The articles appearing on this site may be described much as we have described the kinds of sermons presented and the purpose for their presentation. We are determined to cover the same subjects in printed form as we have set out orally in the recorded sermons. Rather than repeat ourselves we direct you to our remarks under “Sermons” to see our explanation of the kinds of articles appearing on this site.  

The public is welcome to use these articles if they are not added to, subtracted from or altered in any form or fashion and proper credit is given in the documentation of them wherever they are used.


Each February the Spring Church of Christ hosts the Spring Contending For The Faith Lectures. Here you will find information about current and past lectures.


When all of the sermons we desire to include on this site are made available they will deal with all kinds of Biblical, religious and philosophical subjects that pertain to man’s conduct on earth and his eternal destiny. They are designed to set out the Truth of God’s Word in no uncertain terms on each subject treated by the evangelists preaching them. The sermon subjects are always examined in the light of God’s rightly divided word (2 Timothy 2:15) and with the ever present desire to answer the following important question:  “Does the Bible authorize the belief and action being studied (Colossians 3:17)?” Also, how to ascertain Bible authority and the importance of Bible authority for all that one believes and practices in religion are emphasized directly or indirectly in every sermon.

The existence of God, the Deity of Christ, the inspiration of the Bible and a refutation of the error(s) that pertains to these and other subjects (atheism, agnosticism, evolution, sectarian denominationalism, other false religions and false philosophical systems) are thoroughly examined; their error(s) exposed and refuted.

When all the sermons planned are on site they will also cover other general and specific questions of great interest to mankind, concerning the origin of man, the nature of man, the purpose of life on earth, what happens when man dies and the resurrection of man. Subjects dealing with sin, its consequences, God’s scheme of redemption for man, the plan of salvation, the church (its importance, purpose, organization, conduct, worship, mission on earth and eternal destiny), along with heaven and hell will be investigated.

We not only invite you to study your Bible as you listen to these sermons, but we urge you to do so (John 12:48).

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